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The tax world has just been turned on its head.

Houses made of moneyA recent survey of New Jersey residents reveals that high property taxes are NOT their biggest concern.

The results are a first for the Monmouth University-Asbury Park Press poll. In other recent polls, real estate bills at least tied for the number-one worry of New Jerseyans.

The latest poll, released on Dec. 10, asked New Jerseyans to identify in their own words what they see as the state's most pressing issues.

Job creation came in first at 35 percent.

Taxes lower on the list: The state's property tax system came in second at 25 percent.

Only a quarter of respondents cited this tax issue even though a recent study found that several New Jersey counties were among the costliest when it came to real estate tax bills.

The Tax Policy Center's examination of U.S. property taxes found that the counties with average property tax bills in excess of $8,000 are all located in New Jersey or New York.

The expensive New Jersey the counties are Bergen, Essex, Hunterdon, Morris, Passaic, and Somerset counties. In New York the counties are Nassau, Rockland, and Westchester counties.

Public education was ranked as the third most pressing concern by 21 percent of New Jersey residents.

Another 21 percent of the poll respondents cited the combination of income, sales and other general taxes as a major issue.

What's the biggest concern you have where you live? Are taxes of any type at the top of your list?

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