Grave government shutdown leaving us all adrift a la Gravity
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IRS is mostly closed, but Uncle Sam still expects you to file

That's right. The Internal Revenue Service is, for the most part, shut down.

But you, tax filing procrastinators, must finish up your 2012 tax return today.

The countdown clock below (reflecting the Central time zone since that's where I am!) will help those among the 12 million who got a filing extension and plan to use every last moment to make the midnight deadline.

Or, as the time ticks by, it will terrify and/or annoy you.

But, hey, I didn't set the deadline. I'm just nagging reminding you!

October 15 2013 extension filing deadline clock stopped at 1 second

Time is not on your side: Yes, I did stop the countdown clock with just one second left (Central Time) in the extension deadline day. It is, after all, my blog.

But my temporal power here does you no good when it comes to the IRS. So even if you missed the Oct. 15 deadline, you still need to file your return ASAP.

The following posts also will help you fill out your Form 1040:

Finally, for Colorado filers in major disaster areas, you get to do this by Dec. 2.


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