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Hunter courtesy National Shooting Sports FoundationGun lovers in Louisiana, this is your weekend.

Starting today, Friday, Sept. 6, and running through Sunday, Sept. 8, your purchases of firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies are free from sales tax.

That's right. It's Louisiana's Second Amendment Sale Tax Holiday time.

Louisiana sporting goods store owners say the annual tax-free event is bigger than Black Friday.  

Firearms shopping list: Firearms eligible for the sales tax exemption include shotguns, rifles, pistols, revolvers or other handguns that are legally sold or purchased in Louisiana.

Ammunition for the weapons also is tax free.

Hunting supplies are exempt from sales tax only if the items are designed and used for hunting.

The Louisiana Department of Revenue says items that are part of this special tax holiday include:

  • Apparel, such as safety gear, camouflage clothing and even thermal long johns;
  • Hunting shoes or boots designed and used for hunting;
  • Archery items, such as bows, crossbows, arrows, quivers and shafts (Come on down, Ted Nugent!);
  • Bags to carry game or hunting gear;
  • Decoys;
  • Blinds;
  • Optics, such as rifle scopes and impact resistant glasses for shooting; and
  • Binoculars, but only if purchased to be used for hunting (Why do I suspect some birdwatchers will be "hunters" this weekend?).

Boats and off-road vehicles, such as all-terrain vehicles designed and intended primarily for hunting, also are tax-free.

However, don't try to get cute with your ancillary vehicle purchases. You still must pay sales tax on golf carts, go-carts, dirt bikes, mini-bikes, motorcycles, tractors and motor vehicles which may be legally driven on Louisiana roads.

You also must pay tax on a retriever or other hunting dog you might buy this weekend.

And even if you are such a good hunter that you might need heavy-duty help in bringing home your trophies, you still must pay tax on any big equipment, such as forklifts, backhoes and bulldozers.

What about your hunters in training? You'll still be taxed on any purchases of toy guns.

The full list of gun-related tax-free items with complete rules for the three-day tax-free period is on the Louisiana Department of Revenue's special Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday Web page.

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