12 states have sales tax holidays this weekend
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Tax moves to make in August 2013

Summer is winding down, but someone forgot to tell the heat gods. Here in Texas, August rolled in on 100+ degree temperatures. That means my air conditioner is going crazy again. Me, too!

August_tax_moves_160I suspect a lot of my neighbors will end up getting new cooling units. If they haven't used one of the earlier iterations of the residential energy efficiency tax credit or have but claimed less than $500, they might be able to get help from Uncle Sam to make it through the remaining hot months.

That's just one of the August Tax Moves you'll find in the ol' blog's right column, just below the clock counting down the days until the Oct. 15 filing extension deadline.

I apologize in advance for all the meteorological references, but I'm a weather nut to begin with and many atmospheric things, such as the aforementioned heat and possible hurricanes, affect our taxes. So be/get prepared for possible late summer storms!

The other big tax topic this month is, of course, approaching classes. Twelve states have back-to-school sales tax holidays this month. All are exempting clothing, and many others are waiving state, and in some cases local, sales taxes on school supplies and computers.

So stay cool. Make your tax-free shopping list.

And check out all the August Tax Moves.


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I did my back to school tax-free shopping this past weekend with my kids. It definitely helps save some money!

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