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Tax Carnival #119: The Taxing Dog Days of Summer 2013

Welcome to the Dog Days of summer, that hot, muggy, icky part of the year when we just don't have the energy to do anything but complain about how hot, muggy and icky it is.

Bassett hound with ears blowing in the fanThe Dog Days have a lot in common with taxes. OK, maybe it's just the complaining part that's the same.

But if you can muster any oomph, it's also a good time of the year to think about your taxes. To help out in that area, we have Tax Carnival #119: The Taxing Dog Days of Summer.

Careful and long-time readers of the ol' blog know that this carnival is a bit late. Again, I refer you to this tax carnival's theme!

So since we (and by we, I mean me!) have wasted some time finishing up this carnival, let's get to it!

Michael Kitces says, "Using annuities for retirement income has become increasingly popular in recent years, which one unfortunate caveat: Whatever annuity was used during life was the type of annuity the beneficiaries were stuck with in the future. But no longer. With a recent ruling, the IRS has opened the door for annuity beneficiaries to change to a new annuity that better suits their own needs and circumstances!" Learn more at IRS Opens Door In PLR 201330016 For 1035 Exchange By Beneficiary Of Fixed And Variable Inherited Annuities, posted at Nerd's Eye View.

David looks at tax-advantaged 401(k) benefits in Pre-Retirement Funds Lesson #2, posted at Financial Nerd.

Edward Webber asks a question that many British taxpayers are probably pondering: Do you pay more of your income in tax than ever before? It's posted at TaxFix Blog.

Bill Smith focuses on an always good tax move in Top Five Reasons To Adjust Your Withholding In 2013, posted at 2013 Taxes.

Gmeinna contemplates a question that vexes many taxpayers: Are You Paying For All Those Wars? Her thoughts are posted at BobbyFinance.

Amanda has some info for those of you considering international relocation in Do I Have to Pay US Income Tax if I Am Living Abroad? It's posted at My Dollar Plan.

Lubna Kably wonders whether countries will agree to a level playing field for corporate tax. "Perhaps not," she says, "and this could be the main stumbling block for curbing BEPS." Find her view at OECD's BEPS Action Plan - Part 1 (Overview), posted at Law Street in The Times of India.

Christopher has some tips for folks getting a tax refund (some folks on extension actually do get money back from Uncle Sam) in Where to Spend Your Hard Earned Tax Refund, posted at This That and The MBA.

And we close with some very advance tax filing advice.

Rob notes the importance of knowing exactly when your return is due, and takes a look at what goes on that 1040, in When are Taxes Due Again? It's posted at Financial Sprout.

And with that, we wrap up August's Tax Carnival #119: The Taxing Dog Days of Summer 2013.

Thanks to all the contributors and especially to all y'all for reading.

Tax carnival iconThe next carnival is scheduled for Sept. 2. I promise to use part of my Labor Day break to get it ready in time!

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