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More midyear tax moves

With the arrival of July last week, I posted half a dozen tax moves for you to consider.

This week I look at 10 more midyear tax moves over at Bankrate.

Yes, summertime is tax time, that's why this and my earlier list earn this week's Weekly Tax Tip honors.

Here are today's top 10 tax moves to make now:

  1. File your 2012 return. 
  2. Adjust withholding.*
  3. Evaluate estimated taxes.
  4. Hold on to camp receipts.
  5. Get organized.
  6. Give to charity.*
  7. Contribute to your retirement plan(s).*
  8. Plan for the 3.8 percent investment tax.
  9. Make home energy improvements.*
  10. Hire a tax pro.

Yes, some tips -- those marked with an asterisk -- also were part of the earlier 6 midyear tax moves post. But the story and blog item each offer slightly different info, so feel free to read them both!

And be sure to take a brief break from your summer fun to take care of these tax tasks now. You'll be glad you did when next year's filing season rolls around.

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