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Tax season isn't official until David Letterman welcomes New York City area accountants to his late-night show to read a tax-related Top 10 list.

This year's topic, presented Tuesday, April 9, was the Top 10 things you don't want to hear from your accountant.

Top 10 things you dont want to hear from your accountant_Letterman Late Show 04-09-13
Click image to view the Late Night Top 10 presentation on YouTube.

The clip is only 3½ minutes, but if you're a swamped tax preparer and just don't have even that much time to spare right now, here's the list:

10. Take off your clothes and sit on the examining table. (Harvey Tanton)

  9. Good news -- you earned enough to co-sign my mortgage! (Whitney Boyd)

  8. My client Wesley Snipes said prison wasn't so bad. (Phil Defalco)

  7. Would you like to touch my rubber thumb? (Lawrence Spielman)

  6. I'm faxing over your 1099 form right now [makes faxing sound]. (Gary Schatsky)

  5. Care to make a tax-deductible donation to the Taliban? (Bob Manger)

  4. Give me fifty bucks -- I'll make your taxes disappear. (Andrew Ross)

  3. Do you have someplace to stay until things blow over? (Sandra Bussell)

  2. Ignore the blood stains. (Richard Koenigsberg)

  1. Hey, Nice W-2s. (Andrew Rubin)

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