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Tax-filing tippling suggestion from master chef Mario Batali

Mario Batali enjoying an Aperol Spritz CocktailI've been a big fan of Mario Batali for ages. His cooking advice regarding classic Italian eats is magnifico.

And today I learned that Molto Mario also offers tax advice.

OK, he actually provides a tip on what to drink at tax time.

Batali told the New York Times Sunday Magazine:

"I never feel that good about paying the triple hit of New York City, state and federal taxes. My accountant says these are great problems to have, but that is probably because he is going on vacation next week. My answer is tequila. Put a bottle of your favorite (mine is Cabo Wabo Reposado) in the freezer and start writing checks. But don't use lime, please."

If tequila is not your preferred potent potable, consider the Income Tax Cocktail. It's basically a gin martini.

Or you could try the drink Mario's enjoying in the above photo, snipped from his appearance on fellow chef Eric Ripert's YouTube show On the Table. It is an Aperol Spritz.

Whatever beverage you choose, I suggest you don't imbibe while working on your 1040. The tax code is confusing enough. You don't need anything else that could lead to a potentially costly tax mistake!

But as soon as you finish your return, definitely raise a glass to celebrate your accomplishment.

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Wow! I have never thought of that way... Thank you for the post!


I must admit, by my fourth hour of filing, I was looking for a little alcohol to numb my pain. Didn't drink but really wished I could once AMT was triggered!!

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