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We're into April, meaning that tax season is in high gear. So are the politics of taxation. And both topics were covered last week at my other tax blog.

Bankrate Taxes Blog icon Most taxpayers every year get money back from Uncle Sam. And they are planning many different ways to spend their tax refunds.

Various surveys say we, and I'm using the collective "we" even though the hubby and I don't expect a refund, will save the money, use it to pay basic necessities, pay down debt or splurge.

Those refunds might come in hand to cover day-to-day expenses of people who are starting to feel sequestration's pain.

Some in Washington, D.C., including the president, are making symbolic moves in connection with the sequester. But will they be able to translate that to real relief in the impending fiscal year 2014 budget?

Stay tuned.

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