5 more tax tasks to take care of by April 15
If you're planning to snail mail a paper tax return on April 15, be sure to check your local Post Office's hours

A passel of procrastinating taxpayers in 2013

The Internal Revenue Service says that roughly one in five Americans file their federal and state income returns in the final week before the April 15 deadline.

That statistic is likely to be larger this filing season because so many 2012 federal tax law changes weren't enacted until Jan. 2 of this year. That pushed back the filing season for the IRS, which had to update forms and its computer systems, and taxpayers alike.

The hubby and I are yet again among those getting six more months to work on our 1040 and associated forms.

If you're part of our not-so-exclusive club, the interactive infographic below from H&R Block might be of help. And yes, it does ultimately end up at the tax prep giant's website. But it is a creative way to look at what awaits so many of us who've put off our taxes until now.

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Filing Your 2012 Tax Return via H&R Block

Remember, if you've waited so long that you just can't properly finish your tax return by Monday, April 15, then get an extension. It's much better to take the extra time and do it right instead of rushing through the filing process, making mistakes and cheating yourself out of money.

You'll need to a quick down-and-dirty return to see just how much you owe. Then send that amount to the Internal Revenue Service along with Form 4868, which you can submit via Free File if your adjusted gross income last year was $57,000 or less.

That will get you six more months to fill out the tax paperwork properly.

And with the extra time, you might be able to find some tax breaks you can take to reduce what you owe.

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