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Boxer Mike Tyson TKOs Fox host with talk pro-tax talk

Former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson can still deliver a punch.

This time, though, it was a conservative talk show host who was stunned by the boxer.

Tyson, who's currently performing the one-man show "Undisputed Truth" about his often outrageous life, told Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade that he wants to pay taxes on the money he makes from the tour.

"I look forward to paying off my taxes and paying off my country, because that's my duty," Tyson said. "I know they say that's legal extortion, but listen, I'm living in this country and if I got to pay taxes, that's the money that I paid for my life on Earth."

But Tyson's refusal to pull punches didn't end there.

In addition to absorbing the champ's pro-tax verbal punch, Kilmeade also was taken aback by Tyson's announcement that he is looking to Obamacare as a way to save on his medical insurance.

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Just shows you how brainwashed and uneducated Tyson is. Why doesn't he donate all his earnings to the government if he feels they do such a good job? This from a convicted rapist who blew thru $250 million plus in career boxing money and declared bankruptcy. Perhaps if the government had not taken so much of his boxing money for taxes he might have some left.

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