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Yes, I'm still working on my own 2012 tax return

Free online filing is available for state tax returns, too

Do you file state taxes in addition to your federal tax return?

Then today's Daily Tax Tip is for you. Your state provides a way for you to file your taxes for free.

States with online tax filing options via FTA
 Clip on map to go to Federation of Tax Administrators' interactive version.

Seven states -- Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming -- don't tax wage income. Two states, New Hampshire and Tennessee, tax only dividend and interest income.

In the states that do collect taxes each year on their residents' earnings, all offer either return filing directly with the state, similar to the free forms option the Internal Revenue Service provides, or a free filing program in conjunction with private software companies as in the IRS' federal Free File option.

Ignoring online state free filing: But many state taxpayers are ignoring their states' free tax filing options.

A main reason that taxpayers aren't using their states' free tax fling oppotunities is that the programs often are unwieldy.

"You have to navigate some pretty rough waters to make sure you get your free tax filings," Verenda Smith, deputy director of the Federation of Tax Administrators, told Stateline.

Have you ever used your state's free online filing program? How did it work?

If you've never taken advatange of your state's free file option, why not?

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