Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist takes on taxes
Some federal and state tax filing deadlines still to come

Countdown to Oct. 15 tax extension deadline underway

Federal tax filing extension October 15How are you feeling today?

Relieved? Tired? Freaked that you owed Uncle Sam so much money? Thrilled that your final tax computations showed you're getting a refund?

Those are all emotions that folks who finished their returns yesterday, April 15, are feeling.

But the millions of us who got an extension are still in a state of tax limbo. We at least got Form 4868 to the Internal Revenue Service electronically, or at least on its way in paper form via the U.S. Postal Service.

Now we get to start counting down to our new Oct. 15 tax filing deadline.

So mark your calendar. Note the new countdown clock over in the right column. And check back here as we finish up our 2012 tax responsibilities over the next few months.

The Daily Tax Tips are still applicable. Links to those will remain in the nav bar. And the  annual Weekly Tax Tips will begin on Wednesday, April 17.

Here's a bonus early tip: Free File will be available to eligible taxpayers through the extended October deadline.

It should be a fun 183 and counting days.

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