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Where's My Amended Tax Return?

Everyone makes mistakes now and then. (Don't tell the hubby that I admitted that!)

When it comes to mistakes on tax returns, the Internal Revenue Service gives us a second chance, up to a point.

As this week's Weekly Tax Tip notes, sending in a corrected tax return via Form 1040X is not that difficult.

Amended Tax Return Form 1040X; click on image to open in PDF the full formThe IRS wants to know what you originally reported, what your corrected numbers are and why you are making the changes.

You can add or subtract personal exemptions if on your original 1040 there was some confusion as to whether you properly claimed a dependent.

You also can change your filing status. That's not a problem in most cases.

But if it's after the tax filing deadline and you're a tax disgruntled spouse who wants to change a previously filed 1040 from married filing jointly to filing your own married but separately filed return, you're stuck with your spouse, at least with regard to that filing.

If, however, you learn that combining your tax data on one return will save you tax dollars, then you go from two married filing separately returns to one jointly filed 1040.

And if your changes involve a schedule or form you originally filed, attach that document to the amended return.

Why refile? In most cases, folks file an amended return because they discovered a mistake or tax break oversight that cost them money.

If you do file Form 1040X to claim an additional refund, wait until you have received your original refund check before sending in your amended return. The good news is that you can go ahead and cash that original refund check.

But you also should file a Form 1040X if you realize you underpaid your tax. And you should do so as soon as you discover the mistake.

Chances are the IRS will also find your error. By the time that happens, your underpayment penalty and interest charges have been running a while. So cut those off as soon as possible by filing Form 1040X as soon as possible.

One other important timing factor to note. You must file an amended return within three years from the due date of your original tax filing or within two years from the date you paid the tax, whichever is later.

And remember that your state tax bill also could be affected by a change to your federal return. So check with your state tax department on how to correct that filing.

Tracking amended returns: If you filed an amended return, particularly one that will get you more refund money, you definitely will want to know where your 1040X is in the IRS processing stream.

Good news. Although you can't file Form 1040X electronically (the IRS says it's working to make this happen, but right now you still have to send in the paper form via snail mail), you can check the status of your filed amended return online.

Just head over to the IRS' online tracking tool Where's My Amended Return?

There you can find the status of a Form 1040X for the current year and up to three prior years.

Be patient, though.

The IRS says it takes up to 12 weeks from the date the agency receives your 1040X for it to be processed. It takes about three weeks, says the IRS, from the date you mailed your 1040X for it to show up in the system.

After those three weeks, you can go to the online amended return tracker to make sure it's being processed.

Then after you enter your Social Security number, date of birth and Zip code, you can find out just where your amended return is in the IRS system.

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I am having the same problem have been checking for weeks and said it was received on May 15th. I called the number and checked the website now it is saying that no record exists. What is the problem?


Well at least I'm in good company. I sent in my amended return and the IRS system said it was received in May and processing. Then it said that they needed more info and that a letter had been sent. It took 3 weeks to receive the paperwork it the mail. I filled it out and sent it back the same day I received it. Now the website sis saying they have no record of a amended return. WTF? So does this mean I won't be getting my refund for the amended return? Do I send in the paperwork again and start the process all over?

I wish the people who posted this problem months ago would hop back on and give up an update. I’d like to know how their situations turned out.


My amended return was received as of April 26. I am still waiting, I spoke with an IRS agent Tuesday and was told someone is working on it and it will likely be another few weeks. I hope it doesn't take the full 12. Usually I would have had it by now. I have been amending mine every year for the last 4 years because of my education credits. I am hearing that the Where's My Amended Refund site isn't being updated and people are getting their checks while the site says it is still being processed. I think the site was created to stop us from calling them...whatever I called them anyways but they really try to get you to use the site instead of transferring the call.

Shin Yokoyama

Ive been messing with this for 5 months. My stupid tax lady put down my lotto winnings as 2013 instead off 2012. I took a year off work. and waited to long to start looking for work. So i need my return to get a job and relocate. Im so broke i dont know what to do. I called the tax advocates and 2 weeks ago the advocates called me and told me its been accepted and i would have to wait 2 weeks. Now they said i have to wait another 1 to 2 weeks. So i checked where is my amended return before it said its been received Now it says they never received it. Its my fault that i didnt look for work sooner and counted on my return. but for a stupid date mess up by my tax lady. I have no food im ready to get evicted. sold everything i have worth anything for nothing just to survive. And now this. I never collected no welfare nothing in my life. But i got hard up so i applied for food stamps and got denied.


I see a trend. mine has done the same thing. I hope this is an error!

angie pruden

me too just went poof, spent an hour on the phone with a rep who told me to just resubmit it.. WHAT?!!? I've already waited 16 weeks!!

Jon Bruce

I am having the same issue. Mine was received March 19th and was showing that it was processing upto May 29th. Nows is says no record found. Whats the deal?


mine was received april 28 and shows not record exists


have y'all tried tracking via the main Where's my return? Maybe since it's been received, the data transferred there. Crazy, but ... Also, I'd call the 800 829 1040 line.


Same issue with me. Showed received originally on march 14, but as of today, shows that no record exists. Odd!

tabitha downing

I filed an ammended return the irs site said that it was received on 4/19/13 and was processing. Now their site is saying that no record of an amended return can be found. Why would that be?

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