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More than a third of us like, or even love, doing our taxes

Are we having fun yet as the April 15 tax-filing deadline looms?

According to a recent survey, some of us are.

Sure, a national poll conducted in early April by the Pew Research Center found that most Americans (56 percent to be exact) have a negative reaction to doing their income taxes.

In fact, 26 percent use the "H" word: They hate filling out their 1040s.

Pew Research Center poll 04-11-2013 on tax filing attitudes; click image for a larger viewBut about a third of us, 34 percent for those of you still in the tax-filing precise figure mode, say we either like (29 percent) or love (five percent) doing our federal taxes.

No, smart alecks, I was not polled, even though in my very first post here at the ol' blog I referred to tax time as the most wonderful time of the year.

So I'm a bit jazzed to see at least a few folks don't hate what I spend most of my waking (and some of my dreaming) time concentrating on.

Why we like doing taxes: As expected, Pew pollsters found that the expectation of getting a refund is the main reason people like doing their taxes.

But it's not the only factor.

Seventeen percent of the survey respondents said they simply don't mind doing their taxes or they are good at it.

Thirteen percent said doing their taxes gives them a sense of control.

And another 13 percent cited a sense of obligation. They said it's their duty to pay their fair share.

And why we hate it: Among those who don't find tax filing fun, most cite the hassles of the process or the amount of time it takes.

Thirty-one percent said tax filing is complicated, requires too much paperwork or they fear making mistakes.

Twenty-four percent said doing taxes is inconvenient and time-consuming.

A much smaller share, only 12 percent, said they dislike doing their taxes because of how the government uses tax money.

And just five percent of those who dislike or hate doing their income taxes said it is because they pay too much in taxes.

What about you? Are you in the love, hate or just deal with it category?

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I used to absolutely love them because it was ... satisfying. It was nice to shelve something so big and usually kind of complicated so getting it done early always made my more Type-A side happy. Nowadays, if I can't get it done well before the deadline, it makes me grumpy but I still enjoy getting it done.

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