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William Shatner 'appalled' at IRS Star Trek video spoof

Everybody's a critic, even James Tiberius Kirk.

That's right, William Shatner has weighed in on the Internal Revenue Service video parody of the original Star Trek.

Shatner, whose distinctive staccato line delivery is forever connected to the Starfleet captain he brought to life on television and movie screens, is not amused or impressed.

The actor delivered his criticism via Twitter:

William Shatner tweets IRS Star Trek video critique

The sci-fi mini remake, which was shown at a 2010 IRS conference, and a Gilligan's Island training video were made at the tax agency's studio in New Carrollton, Md., and cost a combined $60,000. The Star Trek production accounted for most of the cost, according to the IRS.

The IRS also offered a self-critique, saying that the Star Trek video was a mistake.


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