Last last week at my other tax blog: Gun, ammo taxes and tax processing delays create FAFSA problems
Rolling 401(k) to Roth 401(k) now easier for more plan owners

Last week at my other tax blog: Added costs of not filing and lawsuits prompted by refund delays

OK, back on track and just in time. April 15 is rapidly approaching.

Bankrate Taxes Blog icon The tax-filing deadline, however, apparently hasn't been a problem for one professional athlete. And other folks have filed, but delays in their returns' processing have prompted them to take legal action.

Both of those issues warranted closer looks last week at my other tax blog.

Nick Diaz, an Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight, confessed after a recent match that, "I've never paid taxes in my life. I'm probably going to go to jail." Later, Diaz's people said the mixed martial arts combatant was being a bit hyperbolic.

But whatever Diaz's filing or nonfiling status, it's a good lesson for every taxpayer: Don't mess with the Internal Revenue Service. File your returns or face a tough match with the tax man.

Also last week, those taxpayers whose returns are held up because of an error on the education tax credit claim form are tired of waiting.

They've filed a couple of lawsuits against H&R Block seeking not only refunds of the tax preparation fees they paid, but also compensation for financial difficulties incurred by the delays in getting their federal tax refunds.

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