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Last week at my other tax blog: Old-style savings bonds refund option and talk of a possible gas tax hike

Bankrate Taxes Blog icon If you filed your 2012 return as soon as the Internal Revenue Service starting accepting forms on Jan. 30, then chances are you are getting a refund.

Most folks will take their money back from Uncle Sam as cash, either as a snail-mailed paper check or directly deposited into an account. But you also could, as noted in one of my posts last week at my other tax blog, get your refund as a U.S. savings bond.

In fact, a federal income tax refund is the only way you can get an old-fashioned paper savings bond.

Refund money could come in handy if you plan to take a driving trip this year. There is some talk of hiking the federal gas tax. It's been stuck at 18.4 cents since 1993.

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