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Maryland, Alabama holding February sales tax holidays

Sure the sales tax itemized deduction is back on the tax books (for 2012 filings and through 2013), but in real life most of us would prefer no tax on our purchases.

Some Alabama and Maryland shoppers get just that this month, at least on a few items.

Yep, the 2013 states and local sales tax holidays are here.

Shop Maryland energy logoMaryland, my Maryland tax holiday: The Old Line State kicks off this year's no-tax events with its Shop Maryland Energy Weekend. As the name indicates, buyers of certain Energy Star rated appliances and other energy saving products will not have to pay the state's 6 percent sales tax.

It kicks off at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 16, and runs through midnight Monday, Feb. 18.

Among the items that will be tax-free these three days are air conditioners, furnaces, clothes washers, heat pumps, refrigerators, programmable thermostats and compact fluorescent light bulbs.

The Maryland Comptroller has issued an energy shopping weekend FAQs with more information on what does and doesn't qualify for tax-free treatment this weekend. You also can review the list of Energy Star qualified items.

Sweet shopping Alabama: Then less than a week later, shoppers in the Heart of Dixie get a sales tax break on products they'll need to weather bad weather.

Alabama's second annual Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. Friday, Feb. 22, and ends at midnight Sunday, Feb. 24.

During these three days, Alabama shoppers won't have to pay the state's 4 percent sales tax on a variety of products they'll need if a hurricane or other disastrous storm strikes.

Any portable generator and power cords used to provide light or communications or preserve food when a storm casues a power outage is tax free as long as it costs $1,000 or less.

Another two dozen or so other items, ranging from batteries to tarps to first aid kids, also are tax-free if their price tags are $60 or less.

The Alabama Department of Revenue has issued a full list of storm-related tax-free products.

But note, Alabama shoppers, that although the state sales tax won't be collected this weekend, local sales and use tax may apply. The state's tax office is keeping track of which local governments will or won't participate in the sales tax holiday.

So check the sales tax holiday guidelines Alabama and Maryland shoppers, make your lists and get out there and save on these weekends!

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Adams, Stepner, Woltermann & Dusing PLLC

A big thanks to tax holidays for it is really a breath to us all. Especially to me, I can buy a lot of necessary things out of the money from tax holiday, and I soo love tax holidays!!

Chris @

I absolutely love sales tax holidays! I bought a new laptop and saved $60 on tax for no other reason than I waited a few months and bought it on a particular weekend. New Mexico has theirs in August, I think, to coincide with the start of the school year.

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