Oscars swag bags in 2013 worth $47,802 each, plus taxes
And the film tax credit goes to ...

Congressional pay cuts (yeah, right) and the role taxes play in state relocations discussed last week at my other tax blog

This is starting to be the least surprising news ever, but we really, really don't think very much of Congress.

A recent Pew Research Center survey found that Americans' views of Republican leaders in Congress remain at near-historic lows. Democratic leaders are viewed somewhat more positively, though more of us still disapprove than approve of their job performance.

So what can Representatives and Senators do to get a little love?

Bankrate Taxes Blog icon Some members of Congress on both sides of the aisle are proposing that they tax pay cuts.

"No Budget, No Pay" bills in both the House and Senate would hold lawmakers' paychecks until members pass a budget resolution. Another would cut Congress' annual pay 20 percent and keep it from going up until there was no deficit in the previous fiscal year.

But, as I discussed last week at my other tax blog, there's no real chance any of these Congressional pay reduction measures will pass.

Then there's the issue of taxes and moving. No, not the above-the-line deduction, but whether a state's high taxes drive wealthy residents to lower-tax or no-tax states. It's a part, no doubt, but not the main motivator.

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