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Your signature, Jack Lew style

Jacob Joseph "Jack" Lew, the current White House Chief of Staff, is getting as much attention for his signature as he is for President Obama's decision to name Lew as successor to Timothy Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury.

By now, you've seen Lew's John Hancock, which is no John Hancock at all, but rather a string of circles that has become known as the Loopy Lew.

Jacob J. Jack Lew signature

The idea of that scrawl appearing on U.S. currency immediately captured the fancy of America. OK, maybe it just caught the attention of bored journalists.

But you've got to admit that Lew's signature looks more like your doctor's terrible handwriting than what we'd expect from the head of Treasury. After all, he will be the person in charge of one of the most feared and hated federal institutions, the Internal Revenue Service.

Lew's signature has been compared to many things. A sprung slinky. A crazy straw. The hair of various Peanuts characters. Scribblings of people trying to get their pens to work. Ramen noodles. Curly fries. The Hostess cupcake topping.

OK, I'm getting hungry.

Even the prez jumped on board the "What's up with the Lew signature?" train.

And now we all can see what our names would look like if we had Lew's handwriting.

Yahoo has created a Jack Lew signature generator. Just type in your name, click the "Sign my name, Jack" button and voilà!

Your signature is Loopy Lewed.

That's mine below. I can sort of see the "y" in Kay, but otherwise….

My signature via Jack Lew Signature GeneratorCheck out your own Lewish signature. If you practice your new Lew signing style enough, you may one day be in charge of America's money.

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