Tax moves to make in January 2013
When will the IRS be ready for tax filers?

Today's Tax Tip, 2013 filing season

Finger_pointing to rightThe 2013 tax season certainly will be a bit more challenging since Congress took so long to finalize the 2012 tax laws. But not to worry.
To help make your tax tasks easier, you'll find a Daily Tax T
p over there in the ol' blog's right column each day, weekends and federal holidays included, through the April 15 filing deadline. And if you miss a day, check out the full 2013 daily tips list.


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This is a topic which is close to my heart... Many thanks! Where are your contact details though?


Do I detect a hint of sarcasm? ;-D


Goodness gracious I was beginning to panic! You have saved me thank you!


Great tips here! If I had one quick tax tip to give this season, it would be to look for discounts on H&R Block, Tax Act, and TurboTax. Here's some that we put together:

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Thanks so much for this. And the previous comment about ringing a town bell...that is awesome! Unfortunately we don't have that, but if we did, i would most certainly go and ring it!


I can use all the help I can get with taxes... I just wish I had found this a little earlier!

Thanks for sharing.

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Shawn @ Finance

All Tax Tips are helpful for us. I have used credit card mostly, I have searched in net “how to save income by using credit card or any credit card tax benefit tips? However, I did not found any such good information, can you help me?


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I've looked information on this very subject and I'm happy that I've found it here. I'll be back.


I've been looking for information like this for quite a while and found your blog post. Thanks so much for the information.
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Sun, I'm not exactly sure what issues you're having with the mobile links, but here's the joint vs separate filing link:


When I go to your marriage tax article on my iPhone safari keeps taking me to the home page weird... Thanks your articles are timely and well written. I was curious about filing joit vs filing separately and bam there it was :)


Krista, the IRS says it plans to start processing returns claiming education credits on Thursday, February 14, 2013


When can this aoc tax credit be filed for 2012?


Do you ever ring a bell when you finish your taxes? My town has a good sized one over by South Park Centre. People are supposed to ring it whenever they've done an accomplishment. Finishing my taxes is accomplishment enough for me, so I get to ring it then.

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