Tax filing on hold for taxpayers who need 31 federal forms
The more tax things change ...

Tax e-filing and Free File is now available for most taxpayers

Have you filed your 2012 tax return yet? Millions already have filed today.

Like racers in the starting blocks, these taxpayers have been poised to send their returns to the Internal Revenue Service for weeks, but had to wait.

Because Congress waiting until Jan. 1 to approve the American Tax Relief Act, which includes many provisions affecting 2012 tax returns, the IRS needed time this month to get forms and instructions updated and its computers reprogrammed.

The IRS is ready to take returns from most (but not all) taxpayers today. It's now accepting returns that are filed the old-fashioned way, filled out paper and snail-mailed in, as well as electronic filings.

Free File logoAnd the tax agency's Free File option also is open for business, the announcement of which is also today's Daily Tax Tip.

Free File 2013: Free File first appeared on the tax-filing scene 10 years ago. Now it is old hat.

Sure, there are some tweaks each year. But basically, the filing routine is the same. A group of commercial tax preparation software companies, known as the Free File Alliance, agree to make a version of their software available to eligible taxpayers via the IRS' Free File site.

You can use Free File to prepare and file your taxes this year at no cost (just in case you thought the name Free File was just a catchy alliterative title) if your adjusted gross income is $57,000 or less. This income threshold applies to all filing statuses.

And you have 15 tax software companies from which to choose. Or you can use the Help Me Find a Free File Company online search tool to determine which one best fits your filing needs.

Fillable forms free, too: If you make too much money to qualify for Free File this year, the IRS is once again offering Free Fillable Forms.

These are online versions of the most commonly used IRS tax forms. Instead of buying and loading tax software onto your personal computer, you simply open up the forms you need, enter your tax information and e-file the documents at no charge.

But since it's just forms, not software, you only get basic calculations of the data you enter on the forms. And you must know what goes where. And you must transfer any amounts to other forms as needed.

Still, it is free.

So if your return isn't too complicated and you're comfortable filling out the forms, fillable forms might be just the tax ticket this filing season.

Check out the tips: January's Daily Tax Tips contain a lot of good info to help you complete your tax returns. Since we're focusing today on e-filing, be sure to check out tips #22 (tax software) and #23 (e-filing options).

And happy tax filing!

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This is very convenience in the taxpayers part, especially to those who are so busy enough to file taxes personally. I would surely go for this if this is available in our place.


Kay, you Texans are spoiled. Free File works fine until you have to file your state tax return. Then, for many it's start from scratch or pay for the state return, which the vendors are pleased to make available, at a price.

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