A glimmer of hope for a fiscal cliff deal
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Washington 20515

I never was a big fan of either version of "Beverly Hills 90210."

You remember the original show about the trials, tribulations, machinations and melodrama of a group of fictional rich Southern California high schoolers. Or maybe you now watch the updated version now on the air.

It that's your cup of TV tea, that's fine. I'm not here to judge, just to note that I preferred then and now the trials, tribulations, machinations and melodrama of a real life government institution that too often seems like a group of rich Washington, D.C., high schoolers.

Yeah, I'm talking about Congress.

Bankrate Taxes Blog iconThat legislative body was the only topic -- it was a shortened Christmas week -- last week at my other tax blog.

Both the House and Senate have been in full adolescent mode during the fiscal cliff discussions. It's as if we are watching Capitol Hill High School, with the fiscal cliff fight dragging on and on and politics and personalities, not policy, driving the debate.

C-SPAN probably could cover its full year's operating budget if it would just sell its coverage to a network. A retitled "Washington 20515" -- that's the Zip code for the House of Representatives, where most of the fiscal follies is playing out as 2012 winds down -- could be a hit with the right marketing.

Here's hoping, though, that it's a short-lived series, at least when it comes to our taxes.

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