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12 views of the fiscal cliff negotiations

Welcome to 12-12-12, the last repeating-number date of the century.

The repetition of 1s and 2s has prompted a lot of interest, intrigue and for some, celebration.

"Iconic dates have become a wedding trend in the United States, reaching new heights when over 65,000 couples tied the knot on 7-7-'07," Brian Beitler, chief marketing officer for David's Bridal, told USA Today.

So couples are queuing up worldwide to say "I do" today.

The Concert for Sandy Relief tonight will feature some of the biggest names in the music industry. Thanks to online live streams and social media integrations, the charity concert is expected to reach an unprecedented audience.

You can bet 12s will figure prominently in lottery ticket picks and other gambling options, as some casinos are using today's date in promotions to lure patrons who want to test their luck.

And on 12/11/12 @Jin_Campbell broke the day down further on Twitter:

12-12-12 @Jin_Campbell

Of course, here at the ol' tax blog we'll still be watching to see if 12/12/12 is the day a fiscal cliff resolution is reached.

To help us pass the time, here are 12 reports (OK, 14, but a couple are on the same topic) on fiscal cliff developments.

1. Both sides edging toward deal in deficit-reduction negotiations

2. Reid says time running out and Reid says it will be 'extremely difficult' to reach deal on deficit before Christmas

3. Obama Reduces Tax Demand as Budget Talks Inch Forward

4. Unlikely Backers in a Battle Over Taxes

5. Corporate Taxes on Table in Cliff Talks

6. FBI Readies Furlough Plan if Fiscal Cliff Talks Fail

7. Buffett Joins Soros in Effort to Raise Taxes on Estates and Super wealthy: Tax estates more, please

8. Can Jeb Bush sway the GOP on taxes, debt?

9. As U.S. Approaches Debt Limit, Treasury Readies 'Extraordinary' Measures

10. Small Businesses Might Still Hire If Taxes Are Raised

11. Unemployment Benefits Hang on 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal

12. Taking Fiscal Cliff Best Route To Recovery

Here's hoping that the Republicans and President Obama can soon put an end to this growing list.


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