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If you live in Georgia or Virginia and need a new washer, refrigerator or dishwasher, you are in luck.

Energy Star certified appliance

When you buy a new energy-efficient appliance this weekend to replace your dilapidated one, you won't owe any state or local sales tax on the machine.

Heck, while you're at it, you might as well redo your bathroom while you're at it. Fixtures that use less water also are sales tax free in the Old Dominion and the Peach State this weekend.


In general, both Georgia and Virginia tax collectors are waiving the sales taxes on certain products that carry the Energy Star and WaterSense designations.

This includes not only the aforementioned appliances, but also air conditioners, ceiling fans and dehumidifiers on the appliance side.

As for reduced water upgrades, look for approved bathroom sink faucets and accessories, showerheads and low-flow toilets and urinals.

Deadlines and other details: In addition to meeting the energy- and water-saving requirements, remember that your purchases must be for your home, not a business or investment property.

To qualify as tax-free in Virginia each product must cost $2,500 or less.

The tax-free sales period runs through Monday, Oct. 8.

You can find additional information at the Virginia Department of Taxation's special October sales tax holiday Web page.

In Georgia, you must make your eligible purchases by Sunday, Oct. 7.

The product price cannot be more than $1,500 per item, but the Peach State does have a slightly larger tax-exempt list.

You can find details at the Georgia Department of Revenue's special energy-efficient product sales tax holiday page, as well as its memo (page 2) with more on the October event.

Do you/have you ever put off purchases until your state's sales tax holiday rolled around? I usually avoid anything that creates more shopping congestion, but I might make an exception for sales tax savings on big purchase like these.

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