Representatives urge renewal of expired state and local sales tax deduction
Pastors' tax break for housing under renewed fire

Fiscal cliff costs and debate yada yada

Thanks to a slow start, I've got a lot to do today and to post here, so I'm cutting right to the chase with this report of posts last week at my other tax blog.

Bankrate Taxes Blog iconWe've entered the fourth quarter of 2012 and we taxpayers still have no idea about some key tax moves we want to make because Congress has pushed off action until after the election.

That also means we're getting closer each day to the fiscal cliff's costly prospects.

That topic, however, didn't come up during the first presidential face-to-face between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. In fact, there essentially was no new tax news in the debate.

Each Tuesday and Thursday (usually) you can check out what I have to say about tax and, for a few more weeks, election issues at Bankrate Taxes Blog.

If you happen to miss my posts there on those days, look for a wrap-up here the following weekend.

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Maria H. Ross

If Congress extends the Payroll tax deduction of 2% on the employee side for 2013 that would be a deduction which could possibly receive Bipartisan support since it would benefit all employees. -Mike M.

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