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Pay your 3rd quarter estimated tax today!

A quick nag reminder about today's estimated tax payment deadline.

Your third 1040-ES of 2012 is due by midnight if you pay electronically. In this case you don't have to actually send in the Internal Revenue Service voucher, just the amount you owe via your credit or debit card or bank account transfer.

Estimated tax payment voucher 3 2012 Click for a larger view.

Or if you're mailing your payment via paper check or money order, you have until your post office closes. Estimated tax payments, just like your annual 1040 filing, are considered filed on time as long as the envelope is postmarked by the due date.

Which is today, Monday, Sept. 17, since the regular 15th deadline was Saturday.

Pay now or pay more later: If you need more than this friendly nag reminder, keep in mind that ignoring this tax deadline could cost your more money later.

Even if you end up getting a refund next year, if you should have paid estimated tax on some earnings that weren't subject to payroll withholding and didn't, you could end up owing the IRS a late-payment penalty.

That's because U.S. tax collection is a pay-as-you-earn system. Not getting your taxes in via withholding or estimated tax payments means you were late paying your due taxes.

And Uncle Sam charges for that.

So if you made money in June, July and August and taxes weren't taken out of that income, pay the proper amount.


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Within the form are four vouchers; one for each quarter. When making your third-quarter payment, be sure to use the third-quarter voucher. You can also pay ...


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