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Lindsay Lohan tweets Obama seeking tax cuts for so-called millionaires

Lindsay Lohan wasn't among the celebrities who attended the Democratic convention last week, but she did the next best thing.

Taking advantage of Obama's participation in social media, Lohan dropped the prez a Twitter request in response to a statement in his acceptance speech regarding tax cuts.

Lindsay lohan tax tweet to obama

Lohan has since deleted her online plea for tax relief for Forbes-list millionaires, but not before it was captured in screen shots.

It's unclear exactly what Lohan wants -- 140 or less characters does have its drawbacks in dealing with complex topics such as taxes -- but the quotation marks around the word millionaire seem to imply that not all folks on the Forbes' annual list of the rich deserve to be there.

Consequently, according to Lohan's reasoning (and you don't know how hard it was for me not to put quotes about that word!), these not really wealthy folks need a tax break, too.

Of course, we must remember that Lohan's view of taxes is skewed. The Internal Revenue Service hit Lindsay with an almost $94,000 tax lien earlier this year.

Looking for Lindsay: I couldn't find Lohan on any of the magazine's recent listings of America's affluent.

Maybe her plea wasn't for herself, but for some Hollywood friends facing tax troubles. How kind of her to think of others in tax relief need.

But the beleaguered actress did this spring make Forbes' list of the most over-exposed celebrities.

Lohan came in second to the ubiquitous Kim Kardashian.

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