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Remember Simpson-Bowles?

Financial high at FinCon12 in Denver

I am in the Mile High City for the next few days (that sound you hear is the hubby celebrating temporary bachelorhood) to attend the second annual Financial Bloggers Conference, aka FinCon12, this year in beautiful downtown Denver.

FinCon12 logo wide

Financial bloggers, professionals, companies, columnists, authors -- just about anyone with something to say about money -- have gathered at the Grand Hyatt for three-plus days of greeting long-time friends, making new ones, sharing our financial war stories and learning from each other.

I'll wedge in a blog post or two while I'm here, but if you want to know exactly what I'm up to Friday through noon Sunday, follow me on Twitter where I'm taxtweet. I'll be offering my thoughts and financial tidbits from speakers during the sessions.

Now to put my sneakers back on. A group of us is heading out for an art and ice cream tour of the city. I'm sure we'll find a financial angle to it.


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