House votes to start considering tax reform by April 30, 2013
Tax rewards for Olympians who don't profit from their athletic success

Erotica shop's tax concerns cited by Ways & Means chair during House floor debate

Despite the often childish acts of its members, Congress apparently is for adults only.

Adults onlyA House leader used a purveyor of adult DVDs, literature, novelties and viewing booths as an example during debate on the House floor over continuation of the Bush tax cuts beyond Dec. 31.

Representatives were using real-life small business situations to make their case that the current tax rates should stay in place permanently.

The business anecdotes, however, took a potentially X-rated turn when the chairman of the House's tax-writing committee decided to get in on the act.

The National Journal's Influence Alley blog reports that Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.) was running the tax bill debate Wednesday when he told his colleagues:

Dave Camp reference to Stans Two during Bush tax cuts debate 8-1-12

It's not clear whether Camp knew the nature of Stan's Two's business. Hey, no judging here. A business is a business.

The shop also appears to have more things to worry about than taxes if social media assessments are to be believed.

Stan's Two got a good rating on Yelp from one of my fellow Austin residents. Other reviews, however, weren't so positive.

Maybe those dissatisfied customers visited after the layoffs Camp noted.

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