We all built it, together with our taxes
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Don't forget your weekly dose of tax tips!

I know you didn't worry too much about taxes over the summer. I'm a tax geek, not a fool! And I know that with school starting again, you're distracted by all your kid-related duties or your own studies if you're a student.

Finger_pointing to rightBut when you get a minute, check out the Weekly Tax Tip. A tax tip a week can help keep the tax collector away, or at least make sure he gets as little of your money as possible.

A new tip appears at the top of the ol' blog's right-hand column each Wednesday (or soon thereafter; see I know about distractions, too). They offer ways to cut your upcoming tax bill, ease your filing tasks next spring or in October if you got an extension to file or make some tax moves that could save you money this year or in the future.

And don't worry if you miss a day. You can visit the continually updated complete list of 2012 weekly tips at your leisure.


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