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Paul Ryan, critic of Glass-Steagall, but what does he think of other famously-named financial laws?

Do you feel lucky, lottery punk?

Well, with apologies to Dirty Harry, do you?

Tonight's jackpot for Powerball, which is played in 42 States, Washington, D.C., and the U.S .Virgin Islands, is $320 million, the fourth largest potential bonanza ever.

Powerball participating states via Powerball dot com Click image to go to an interactive version of the Powerball map.

The cash value if you win and want it in a lump sum is $213.3 million. Heck, it could grow even more as lottery fever heats up before tonight's drawing.

Yes, those are my tickets pictured below, although I can't say I'm feeling particularly lucky.

Still I felt compelled to pick up a few chances. Like many folks, I tend to buy lottery tickets when the payouts reach that "if only" level.

Powerball lottery tickets Aug 15 2012
And yes, close inspectors of my tickets, I did airbrush out some of the numbers.

I admit it. I don't want anyone playing my picks because if I happen to win I don't want to share! (Sorry, Mom, I know you raised me better than that, but it's $213.3 MILLION!)

Well, there's one person I'll have to share my winnings with in addition ot the hubby: Uncle Sam.

Remember lucky lottery punks, prize winnings are taxable income.

But at least here in Texas there's no state income tax to worry about eating deeper into my jackpot.

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Molly Stevens

I use to work at a gas station that sold lottery tickets. When ever the jackpot got huge we would see a huge influx of sales. I always wondered why people were willing to spend a dollar or two to win 300 million but not that same amount to win 20 million. I feel like 20 million would still set you up for life! I play every week, every drawing- hopefully one day I'll win and have to decide whether or not I want the lump sum or annuity payments! One day maybe...


Nice post. I have two picks for tonight. I tell myself this is just a tax on the stupid as I buy my tickets for the various games here in IL (I usually play Powerball, Mega Millions, and the IL Lottery) during the week.

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