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How tough is it financially for states? Some tax collectors are going to what many say are extremes to bulk up their treasuries.

Take New Jersey. The state wanted to tax the value of unused gift cards. And you thought that issuers charging monthly fees on the pieces of plastic was bad.

The law was passed a couple of years ago, but retailers sued -- and some, including American Express, pulled out of New Jersey -- so the law was put on hold.

And now it looks like the state's troubled gift card tax could be on the way out.

Still, the Garden State's effort was a widely watched way that states are looking for more revenue. But it's not the last, or most unusual, state tax collection effort.

Up in Vermont, tax collectors tried to collect restaurant sales taxes on meals served at eldercare facilities' dining halls.

The Green Mountain State's effort, now abandoned, is just one of the many ways that lots of state taxmen are getting aggressive.

Bankrate Taxes Blog icon That trend, as well as how some wealthy folks were able to avoid paying federal income taxes, were topics covered last week at my other tax blog.

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But better late than never, right?!

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