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Remembering the good old days of simpler taxes for dad

Happy Father's Day!

Fatherhood generally doesn't get as much appreciation as motherhood. That's understandable. In most societies, moms are more responsible for the daily well being of offspring.

Plus, it's a fairly recent development that dads have embraced a more hands-on approach to parenthood.

Father and daughter by Pink Sherbet Photography Flickr CC Father and daughter fun by Pink Sherbet Photography via Flickr

That behind-the-parenting-scenes style definitely was the case for my dad. Dealing with my brother and me was mainly my mom's job.

But we still knew how important dad was to our lives.

All those fond memories make me miss dad a little extra when this June Sunday rolls around each year.

Perhaps some of that paternal nostalgia made me click on My Father's 1959 Tax Return

Syndicated columnist Tom Purcell's dad and my father were about the same age. And judging from the column, they shared some of the same attributes.

They also shared simpler tax-paying times.

So although Purcell's look at his pop's old tax return was originally posted just before the April filing deadline, it also seems a good fit for a tax blog on Father's Day.

And I know that my dad, whose off-kilter sense of humor and tendency to look at things from slightly skewed perspectives, would appreciate the unlikley combination of Father's Day and taxes.

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