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Cheers! It's Income Tax Cocktail time

Pink cocktail_diongilliard_FlickrYes, there is such a thing. And while it's not quite 5 o'clock anywhere in the United States yet, just the fact that it's Tax Day in America makes it worth celebrating.

The Income Tax Cocktail is basically a Bronx cocktail (gin, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth and orange juice) with an added dash of aromatic bitters, says home mixologist Nora Maynard. You can find the full recipe in theKitchn.

If you're still working on your tax return, I totally understand how the process, especially with the midnight deadline approaching, might indeed be driving you to drink.

But I suggest you wait until you've finished filling out all the forms before you raise a glass, for celebratory tradition's sake as well as making sure you don't end up with any impaired deductions.

Pink cocktail picture courtesy Dinner Series via Flickr Creative Commons.

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