Happy belated Tax Freedom Day 2012
Earth Day activity: Tax-deductible donations to environmental groups

Last week at my other tax blog: Tax Day freebies, tips and filing amid disaster

With Tax Day's arrival last Tuesday, the posts were front loaded last week at my other tax blog.

Bankrate Taxes Blog icon The eve of tax-filing day saw the annual listing of tax-related giveaways in tax day freebies 2012. This is a tradition as time-honored as filing itself and this year brought a wide range of goods and services that were free on April 17 or the adjacent days.

On the big day itself, taxpayers got 3 tax day tips. One is valid every tax year: Don't put yourself in the position of scrambling to file your taxes or an extension at the very last minute.

Finally, on the filing due date many folks in Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska were still recovering from tornadoes that this those states April 14-15. Technically, they still had to file their 2011 returns three days after the twisters struck, but the Internal Revenue Service will work with those who had to file late.

And if any of the storm ravaged areas are declared major disasters, residents could get extra tax relief.

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