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Tax moves to make in February 2012

Ah, February. Such a short month, but so many tax moves to make in these 29 days.

That's right, 2012 is a Leap Year, providing us with an extra day to go along with the already extended filing deadline of April 17.

February_tax_moves_160If you're prepared, you should be able to make each of February's days count toward cutting your 2011 tax bill.

There are the perennial tax tasks of making sure you get all the statements you need to complete your Form 1040.

And don't forget about adjusting your withholding if you discover you had too much or too little payroll tax taken out of your paychecks last year.

But also note the other tax considerations prompted by the many February holidays.

Valentine's Day, for example, should remind you not only to get your sweetheart a nice gift, but also to look at how you file your taxes if you're married.

Or if Cupid's holiday is not so happy in your house, don't forget about the tax implications of divorce.

Those are just a few tax tasks you can take care of this month. You can find more in in the February Tax Moves listed over in the ol' blog's left column.

Just scroll down a bit and make this shortest section of the calendar come up big for you at tax time.

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