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Tax Carnival #97: Federal Budget Edition

Today's Tax Carnival is a bit delayed. You can blame the Fiscal Year 2013 budget, or celebrate it if you're a total budget wonk. Whatever.

Actually, the Obama Administration was late in releasing the federal budget. It is by law supposed to be delivered on the first Monday in February. But for the second year in a row, it's out a week late.

OMB cover sheet FY13 budgetSo I don't feel as bad about being just a few hours behind my self-imposed schedule in posting this 97th Tax Carnival. And to note the effect that the president's latest wish list, campaign blueprint, budget had on today's collection of tax info from the blogosphere, it is officially known as the Federal Budget Edition.

OK, enough with the procrastination (see, again like Washington, D.C.). Let's get to the carnival!

Tim poses a question being asked by many early filers about now: Where is My Tax Refund? It's posted at Faith and Finance.

LivingInVol raises yet another perennial tax-time query: Should I cheat on my taxes? What are the chances of getting audited? The odds of getting audited are examined in the post at Living in volatility.

A couple of contributors look at how to make filing easier.

Money BeIncome tax expenditures FY2011-17 left verticalagle says that The First Step In Organizing Your Tax Information is to look at the past. Details are posted at Money Beagle.

Linsey begins tax preparation by gathering important documents and numbers. Get the specifics in Preparing for Your First Tax Return, posted at 1099 Mom.

DeWitt Dudley examines a difficult situation in My Mom Is Dying: What Should I Do About Estate Tax? Find the answers in the post at Law Offices of Givner & Kaye.

Lubna Kably says that "in India it is likely that the Companies Bill, when reintroduced, will continue with its proposition to make CSR disclosures mandatory. That said, shouldn't the tax laws be in sync so as to propel the corporate sector towards CSR activities? Perhaps a weighted deduction for CSR activities would be a blessing. It would also reduce the litigation on whether a CSR expense is a business expenditure or a CSR expenditure. The Finance Bill, which is to be tabled in March should factor this." Find out more in her Law Street in The Economic Times (January 2012) column, which also is posted at Talking Tax.

CultOfMoney notes that "we may enjoy the things that government purchases with our property taxes, but the actual payment of property taxes is a bear for those paying attention." This situation is examined in You owe $100,000 more on your house than you think, posted at CultOfMoney.

Income tax expenditures FY2011-17 right verticalGlen Craig reminds us that the federal income tax deadline isn't the same for everyone. The type of filer -- individual, self-employed, corporation – determines the tax due dates, detailed in Federal Income Tax Deadlines to File Taxes for 2012. It's posted at Free From Broke.

Everything Finance says that whether you've been laid off or are simply looking for a new job, if you have job-search related expenses, you may be able to qualify for a tax deduction. Details are in Job Hunting? You May Be Able to Get a Tax Deduction, posted at Everything Finance.

Jill says that if you've recently gotten divorced and are receiving (or paying) alimony, you may be confused as to the tax implications of those payments. Find out more in Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Alimony? It's  posted at My Dollar Plan.

Jim says you don't have to be rich, like many of the presidential candidates seem to be, in order to find some great tax benefits. He recommends Miranda Marquit's look at tax saving opportunities in What Can Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney Teach You About Taxes? It's posted at Bargaineering.

FMF wants to know if you're wondering whether or not you should do your own taxes. Get some guidance in Three Questions to Ask Yourself about Preparing Your Own Taxes, posted at Free Money Finance.

Bob notes that it's pretty easy to find free federal tax filing, but it's often a different story for state filings. He found some options and shares the info in How to find free STATE tax filing, posted at ChristianPF.

Steve reminds taxpayers who received unemployment insurance benefits that they must pay taxes on the money. Details are in Pay Your Taxes On Unemployment Insurance Benefits, posted at 2011 Taxes.

Suba presents a rundown of 2012 tax deductions, changes and exemptions for planning purposes in 2012 Tax planning: What changed and what stayed. It's posted at Wealth Informatics.

And with that, we wrap up Tax Carnival #97: Federal Budget Edition.

Tax carnival iconThanks to all this month's contributors and to all y'all for reading.

Here's hoping that filing season is going well for you. If you need a bit more assistance, feel free to stop by the ol' blog as often as you like or need. And be sure to visit in two weeks -- Feb. 27 -- for the 98th Carnival of Taxes.

Join us then as a reader or as part of the tax fun by sending your tax post (and tax-only items please; check the guidelines for details) to the Blog Carnival page.

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