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Last week at my other tax blog: Romney tie to tax shelter; Refund locator issues

The Republican presidential nomination process is continuing, much to the dismay of Mitt Romney, who had hoped to have it sewn up by now. But things keep getting in his way.

Some folks, however, aren't too concerned about politics. They just want to know where the heck their tax refunds are. They are having as disappointing a time as Romney.

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Both of these topics were discussed last week at my other tax blog.

First, to politics. President Obama released his corporate tax revamp proposal. Romney countered with his plan.

But another corporate tax issue, Marriott's use of a disallowed tax shelter when Romney was on the hotel's board popped up. Yes, this will show up in campaign ads.

On a more personal level, many taxpayers are trying to find out the status of their refunds and discovering that the IRS online refund tracking tool is on the fritz.

The IRS swears that although folks can't find out, their e-filed returns are being processed. And it says (hopes) the glitch will be fixed soon.

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