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Super Bowl winning wagers, including crazy prop bet payouts, are taxable

Last week at my other tax blog: NY Giants property taxes; Frequent flier tax confusion; Facebook IPO and taxes

The Super Bowl, Facebook and frequent fliers. What do all those things have in common? They were all topics last week at my other tax blog.

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The New York Giants are facing off Sunday against the New England Patirots in Super Bowl XLVI. But behind the scenes, Giants tax personnel are fighting with East Rutherford, N.J., officials about a property tax bill on the team's practice facility.

Some Giants and Patriots fans probably used frequent flier miles to get to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl. If they got some of those miles thanks to a Citibank promotion for new account holders, then it looks like they'll owe taxes on those bonus miles.

And speaking of bonuses, my third post last week at my other tax blog was on speculation as to what the Facebook initial public offering, or IPO, could mean to founder Mark Zuckerberg's tax bill.

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Question: The "NY" Giants play in NJ, they practice in NJ, their corporate headquarters are in NJ but they claim to be a NY team.
Does NY get anything (like tax revenue) from the "NY Giants"?

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