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How do you plan to deal with your taxes?

You've had a month to think about your taxes.

Maybe you've already done them and are waiting for your refund. Good for you and I am very jealous, both that you're done and, despite my frequent admonitions that you should adjust your withholding, that you're getting some cash back from the IRs.

But if you're like me, you're still collecting filing data and muttering to yourself, "I'll get to it, I'll get to it."

When you do finally get around to filling out your 1040, what method will you choose?

Let me and other blog readers know by taking the short poll below. If you've already filed, you can flaunt your efficiency by voting, too.

How do you file your taxes?
Download tax preparation software onto my own computer.
Use an online tax software preparation program.
Head to the IRS Free File site.
Turn everything over to a paid tax preparer.
Bug my accountant cousin until she agrees to help me file!
I'll worry about it in October.


FYI, I have voted and I'll confess that, as usual, I checked the last option.

And feel free to leave any additional thoughts you have about filing in general or this tax season specifically as a comment below.

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Mary, you've given me my Daily Tax Tip topic for tomorrow! Thanks. Kay

Mary OKeeffe

Kay, what about putting an option for VITA?



One more option - I'm a CPA & I'll do my own damn taxes (after I get through everyone else's)


Touche, RDF, touche!

Robert D Flach

Kay -

You forgot an option - did it myself manualy without benefit of flawed software.


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