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All your income, even that not reported on 1099s, must be reported on 1040

Last week at my other tax blog: Romney's tax lessons on marginal and effective rates and aggressive filing; Refund delays

The battle to win the Republican presidential nomination has heated up, with taxes being a hot topic last week.

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So it's no surprise that the campaign related tax posts dominated last week at my other tax blog.

Mitt Romney finally released his tax returns, confirming what we already knew (except for that surprising first name of Willard). But what Romney's 14 percent tax rate did provide was a way to differentiate beween marginal and effective tax rates.

The other thing we learned about Romney is that he's essentially a play-it-safe taxpayer. If he'd been more aggressive, he might have paid Uncle Sam less.

Finally, the 2012 tax filing season encountered a glitch in the IRS' new anti-fraud program. It was designed to keep people from getting improper refunds. What it's done is slowed some legitimate refunds by about a week.

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