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Last week at my other tax blog: Auditing the rich; Watch out for tax scams

Taxes are all about collecting money. Sometimes it's the Internal Revenue Service that brings in extra cash via audits. Other times it's crooks using tax hooks to scam taxpayers out of their money.

Bankrate Taxes Blog icon Both of those topics were the focus of posts last week at my other tax blog.

First, the audit issue. The good news is that if you make less than $200,000 you probably don't have to worry about the IRS paying extra attention to your tax return. Last year, the bulk of audits were aimed at millionaires.

You don't have to be rich to be a tax scam target. Whatever you've got, criminals will gladly take it. And during tax filing season con artists are out in force. Don't fall for their tricks.

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Tim @ Faith and Finance

Great reminder Kay. If it sounds too good to be true... That's why I suggest you stick with the well known tax preparers or even do it yourself online.

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