Congress is decorating its annual legislative Christmas "tree"
IRS issues 2012 mileage deduction rates

Last week at my other tax blog: FSA over spending; Big companies avoid state taxes

Everyone, and every company, looks for ways to lower their tax bills.

Bankrate Taxes Blog iconLast week at my other tax blog I looked at some side effects of these efforts.

Flexible savings accounts (FSAs) offer workers an easy way to put aside tax-free money they can spend on medical costs. But sometimes, in looking for ways to avoid forfeiting unused FSA funds, people can spend more than they intended.

As for companies, their phalanxes of accountants and tax attorneys help them avoid taxes at both the federal and state levels. A new study found that 265 of the most successful corporations cost state treasuries more than $42 billion in taxes between 2008 and 2010.

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