The Super Committee is in a filter bubble that could burst deficit reduction efforts
Some tax issues to be decided in today's elections across the country

Today's 'Duh!' moment: Tax increases, spending cuts will hurt

Not to turn today into total Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction Monday, but I just couldn't let this headline pass without comment:

Lobbyists warn members of the 'super committee':
Cuts and tax increases will hurt

Uh, isn't that the point?

The automatic cuts in both defense and social programs are obviously designed to spread the pain around if the deficit reduction panel is unable to reach an agreement by Nov. 23.

And even if the 12 bipartisan members from the Senate and House can hammer out a plan, the goal there also should be shared sacrifice in bringing down Uncle Sam's debt.

On second thought, maybe we do need to state the obivious a little more often, especially for the folks on Capitol Hill.

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I thought it was going to be some boring old post, but it really compensated for my time. Great Post..

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