Recriminations Monday, the official 'holiday' following the deficit super committee's failure to agree on a plan
Will the super committee's failure revive Simpson-Bowles tax reform proposals?

My television 2 cents on the super committee failure

I spoke last night with the NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach about the super committee's inability to complete its assigned deficit reduction task.

I'm not a big fan of myself on camera. And I'm recovering from a cold I caught last week while I was taking a vacation in South Florida. Yeah, that's my story for my nasally voice and I'm sticking to it!

But the NBC reporter asked Bankrate for comment, and my buddies there passed him along to me, so I cowboyed up and went on air via Skype.

And yes, I did do my best Ron Burgandy impersonation.

I dabbed on some makeup, put on a dress shirt and sweater, but I was still wearing shorts and flip flops out of camera range!

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