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Deficit reduction panel won't extend its Nov. 23 deadline

For better or for worse, we'll know on Nov. 23 what we get, or don't get, from the special Congressional deficit panel.

16 Days Super Committee CountdownThe Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction has the authority to grant itself more time.

Some had suggested that an extension might be necessary so that the bipartisan panel could have the Congressional Budget Office review its proposal's fiscal estimates.

Now, however, comes word that during a discussion of whether to bust the day-before-Thanksgiving deadline, the six Senators and six Representatives decided to hold firm to their original due date.

That's a good idea, especially since the reality is that the members won't be able to come up with a plan.

So they might as well let us all know sooner rather than later that they are deadlocked.

Then we can get on with absorbing what that means, which is a topic for another Super Committee Countdown post.

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