Time for retirement, contributions that is
GOP Senators coming around to taxes in deficit deal?

Last week at my other tax blog: Christmas tree taxes; Higher inflation, higher taxes?

We're well into November. That means it's time to start thinking about Christmas and next year's taxes.

Bankrate Taxes Blog icon Yep, getting ahead of ourselves was the theme of posts last week at my other tax blog.

On Tuesday, the topic was the proposal to change the way Uncle Sam calculates inflation. Known as the chained inflation index, this methodology is opposed by senior citizens who say it will cut their annual Social Security benefits cost of living adjustments.

But an inflation change could mean higher taxes for others, too.

Now for the trend of skipping right back Thanksgiving to the next holiday.

Everyone was thinking Christmas when it looked like a new tree tax was in the works. No worries. It wasn't a tax and whatever you want to call it has been put on hold anyway.

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