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Tax procrastinators, time is up ... unless you're facing a special filing situation

This is it my fellow tax procrastinators. That extension to file you got back in the spring ends today, Monday, Oct. 17.

October 17 countdown deadline todayYou've got to get your 1040 to the Internal Revenue Service, or if you send it by traditional mail at least have it postmarked, by today.

Even more time for less-than-ideal filing situations: While many of us are scrambling today to meet our filing duties, as I noted in yesterday's filing mistakes post, some folks get a bit more time.

Of course, their filing situations are not necessarily optimal.

If you've been affected by recent natural disasters, check out the possible relief you could claim on your return as well as adjusted tax deadlines.

Currently, parts of nine states and Puerto Rico are covered by federal disaster declarations. Individuals and businesses in these areas have until Oct. 31 to file.

Servicemen and women in combat zones also automatically get extra filing time. They typically have until at least 180 days after they leave a combat zone to file returns and pay any taxes due.

Military members can get details in the Extensions of Deadlines section of IRS Publication 3, Armed Forces Tax Guide.

Oct. 17 for everyone else: Today, however, the rest of us last-minute filers have some work to do.

I'm sure you're well on your way to finishing up your tax paperwork, but just in case, here are some tax tips that might help.

Countdown to Oct. 17 is the ol' blog's 10-part series on things to think about when you file. FYI, most of these will apply to your 2011 return, too, so you might want to bookmark the series' splash page or some of the specific posts. They include:

10. IRA tax moves to make by Oct. 17

9. Report all your income, even if you don't get official tax documentation

8. Finding the tax preparation and e-filing software that fits your needs

7. The connection between filing status and tax dependents

6. Last shot at Making Work Pay tax credit

5. Often overlooked tax breaks

4. Be sure to count all your deductible charitable donations

3. Tax deductions that don't require itemizing

2. Knowing and clearing tax deduction threshold hurdles

1. Don't make these tax filing mistakes

Bankrate also has a Tax Kit for October Filers.

The IRS also has a special Web page for the ultimate final deadline filers.


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